This is an example of bamboo fencing we fabricated and installed. We’ve included cross pattern ties of hemp twine, hammered copper post caps and hangers. It’s a unique design and using almost only renewable resources. Bamboo is a sustainable, and desirable, “Bamboo happens to be a green wood for a couple of reasons. First, it’s anti-bacterial properties mean that it does not require pesticides in order grow healthily. This eliminates the need to contaminate the soil and nearby freshwater resources with toxic chemicals. The second reason is that bamboo has a very high growth rate and does not need fertilizers. As a result, you can harvest more wood per unit of time than most other wood alternatives. The fact that it doesn’t need fertilizer also means that excess nutrients do not end up in local freshwater resources, preventing contamination.

Sustainable building, fencing custom construction eco freindly

Using Sustainable materials is always our 1st choice at Vertex Carpentry and Bamboo is an excellent building material as well as being sustainable

Fencing bamboo eco materials construction hemp bamboo

The finished gate

Here is another view of the building process:

Bamboo eco building materials sustainable renewable resources green construction Maryland builder Severna Park,MD Green Builder

This show the emerging structure of the fencing in a different location

Fence Green Builder Bamboo MD Green Builder Severna Park Custom Fence

The completed Bamboo fencing