Vintage Look/ Budget Cost Staircase

Vintage Look/ Budget Cost Staircase

You can achieve a vintage  elements to your home without spending a fortune. Carpentry Severna Park Quality Carpentry Staircase

Most  stairwells are made with basic upgrades and classic elements.  This stair carriage was site built with 2×12 stringers and maple treads.  All of the components were glued and screwed together.  No stair squeaks here and we built this 20 years ago.  The maple handrail, newels and pilaster newels are all custom fabricated and installed.  The ball cap for the newels and the handrail brackets are stock items.  Notice there are no balusters here.  Instead, we used low budget drywall kneewalls, cutting expenses where we could, while still achieving a vintage look

Complete Tear Down and Rebuild

Complete Tear Down and Rebuild

Creating Your Dream Home

Complete Tear-down and Rebuild

When Renovation just isn’t enough

Sometimes you find the perfect spot for your ‘Dream Home’ but unfortunately there is an existing house on the property that does not meet your needs. Here is an example of just such a project.

Dream Home, demolition renovation

This was the 1st step to safely and completely remove the existing cottage to make room for this couple’s ‘Dream Home”

demolition new construction southern MD cottage dream home construction

Here is the demolition from a different angle. Note that every effort is taken to minimize the spread of debris, and that it is immediately removed to the waiting dumpster.

Foundation new construction renovation southern MD

Here is the new foundation after forms have been removed. The “brick” patterning is from the Stamped form.

framed house new construction new home construction

After the framing has been put in place the entire home is Tyvek wrapped as a moisture barrier it also helps seal the home against drafts

new construction  framing cottage building

The new home construction framed and Tyvek’d

new home construction construction southern Maryland MD

Here is the completed project, framing window, siding and foundation details

New home construction completion front view southern MD

Here is the front view of the new “Dream Home” for this Southern MD couple.

Bamboo Fencing

Bamboo Fencing

This is an example of bamboo fencing we fabricated and installed. We’ve included cross pattern ties of hemp twine, hammered copper post caps and hangers. It’s a unique design and using almost only renewable resources. Bamboo is a sustainable, and desirable, “Bamboo happens to be a green wood for a couple of reasons. First, it’s anti-bacterial properties mean that it does not require pesticides in order grow healthily. This eliminates the need to contaminate the soil and nearby freshwater resources with toxic chemicals. The second reason is that bamboo has a very high growth rate and does not need fertilizers. As a result, you can harvest more wood per unit of time than most other wood alternatives. The fact that it doesn’t need fertilizer also means that excess nutrients do not end up in local freshwater resources, preventing contamination.

Sustainable building, fencing custom construction eco freindly

Using Sustainable materials is always our 1st choice at Vertex Carpentry and Bamboo is an excellent building material as well as being sustainable

Fencing bamboo eco materials construction hemp bamboo

The finished gate

Here is another view of the building process:

Bamboo eco building materials sustainable renewable resources green construction Maryland builder Severna Park,MD Green Builder

This show the emerging structure of the fencing in a different location

Fence Green Builder Bamboo MD Green Builder Severna Park Custom Fence

The completed Bamboo fencing

Home Additions

Home Additions

Home Additions by Licensed Construction Contractors

Vertex Carpentry is a full service construction contracting company building new homes and home additions from start to finish. Serving the Baltimore Annapolis area for over 25 years we guarantee  our work. home-constructionBuilding a new home or home addition can be scary and exciting at the same time so take comfort in knowing that Vertex carpentry is licensed and insured while also building to code. The value we bring to your renovation or new house will be enjoyed for generations. Contact Vertex Carpentry for a free consultation on your new home addition or new home building.


Basement Remodeling and Design

Basement Remodeling and Design

Complete Basement Remodeling Services

Make Your Basement a New Place to Play


With a large portfolio of completed basement remodeling projects, and basement damage repairs you can trust Vertex Carpentry to offer you a basement that is functional and comfortable. Be confident that your basement remodeling project is being completed by a licensed and insured contractor with over 20 years of custom work and basements. Our skilled team covers all installations including:  flooring, drywall, kitchens, and even bathrooms. We even build home theaters. Jim Fernen, owner of Vertex Carpentry, is dedicated to providing flawless craftsmanship and customer satisfaction. Get a free estimate and consultation by calling or emailing Jim Fernen directly. Like all of our projects we offer design services and custom carpentry for your basement remodeling project and work with high quality materials so that your basement can be enjoyed and increase your home’s market value.

Staircase and Hallway

Staircase and Hallway

Staircase Rebuilding or Repair

Better Accessibility and Style

stairsWhether you need to completely reconstruct your home’s staircase or have repair we’ve got you covered. Continue to beautify your stairway into the hallway with our extensive home remodeling services. Don’t just settle for what you think you can afford. Functional yet sophisticated. Simple and natural. Name the style or have it designed for you. With over 25 years of carpentry experience, Vertex Carpentry will get the materials at an affordable price to create your new staircase for your hallway or basement remodeling project. Sitting down and listening is key to a great experience during and after construction. Let’s face it, your stairs make your home accessible. Proper design and solid construction is imperative. Building everything to code is an absolute must. We handle all aspects of remodeling your stairway and can continue your home remodeling to blend your new staircase into hallway areas providing painting, crown moulding, carpet installation, trim work, flooring, lighting, drywall, and even door installation. We properly recycle all materials possible and keep your home’s interior safe while your new kitchen remodeling project is underway.

Jim Fernen, owner of Vertex Carpentry, is dedicated to providing flawless craftsmanship and customer satisfaction. Get a free estimate and consultation by  filling out our email form below.


Window Replacement


Vertex Carpentry offers window installation and window replacement for your home addition or home improvement.


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Door fabrication and installation.

Call 443-926-6657

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What’s Your Shelving Style?

Brought to you by Julie Allison, ASP at Harmony Interiors, (410) 302-9879

Harmony Interiors

Julie Allison

I offer affordable decorating services by re-purposing already owned items and adding pieces as necessary. Good space planning, paint and carpet selection, and inspired finishing touches are key to creating a well designed space. I also provide clutter management services to create an organized and tidy space. Julie Allison, ASP


Although the purpose of shelving is clear, the creative options for these are limitless!

Considerations for shelving should begin with what they will be used to house.  If you are installing pantry shelving you should take your largest cereal boxes, cookery books, pans and other items to ensure shelf height is determined correctly.  Conversely if your pantry shelf is housing small herbs and spices jars, consider shelving at half the height in certain areas to conserve space.

For living room or study shelving, large books and ornamental collections should be measured.  If audio/visual equipment is to be housed, it is prudent to allocate space for ever changing technology. For example, if you have been subscribing to traditional cable services and are considering changing to enhanced digital services, extra components will need to be housed.   As technology continues to change it is wise to keep a little extra space available for your shelving to grow with it.  Young children will grow into techno-loving teenagers, in which case it is possible that gaming systems will need to be housed at some point!

Once the basic needs of the shelving are established it is time to get creative!

For ornamental purposes in a modern space, clean and crisp floating shelves are a popular option.  These are exactly as they sound with no visible supports or hardware.  In traditional homes wood is desirable, giving a sense of opulence and heritage.

Don’t let convention guide you to a finished design.  Much like your taste in furniture and art, your shelving has the ability to reflect your style!

Vertex Carpentry Custom Shelving

ShelvingWe can create shelving for your kitchen, garage, closet, bathroom, basement, library, office, or outside deck.  At Vertex Carpentry we can craft the perfect custom shelving or build-ins for your home or business. Shelving should be stylish and functional. Vertex Carpentry will sit down and listen to how your shelving needs to work for your home. Being a skilled carpenter means precision joinery, flawless craftsmanship, and an eye for design and function. From buying the materials to applying the finishing stain Vertex Carpentry takes care in every step. Work is always guaranteed. Vertex Carpentry’s free consultation includes a free estimate and one-on-one chat with owner Jim Fernen. Vertex Carpentry is dedicated to providing flawless craftsmanship and customer satisfaction. Get a free estimate and consultation call or email Jim Fernen directly at

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Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling for Over 35 Years

Vertex Carpentry offers complete bathroom remodeling; including plumbing. Keeping your bathroom area clean and looking fresh is about storage space, easy to clean products, and well constructed materials. Vertex carpentry will give you the flawless craftsmanship needed, whether you are gutting your entire bathroom or restoring its original glamor. The first step is to sit down and listen to concerns or complaints about your current bath area and hear ideas about your future one.  Our basement remodeling team specializes in bathroom installations ideal for basement apartments. You can choose manufactured or custom-built cabinets. Vertex Carpentry works with the environment in mind, building an energy-efficient bathroom that will look great and save money, while reducing its environmental impact. We can make better use of natural light, install energy-efficient water heaters, improve windows, replace toilets, install fans, and other green solutions. We properly recycle all materials possible and keep your home’s interior safe while your new bathroom remodeling project is underway.

Jim Fernen, owner of Vertex Carpentry, is dedicated to providing flawless craftsmanship and customer satisfaction. Get a free estimate and consultation by calling or emailing Jim Fernen directly.



Front Porch and Door Construction

Front Porch and Door Construction

Front Porch or Entrance Way

Front porch and entrancewayDrive up to your new entrance way or relax on a new front porch. Vertex Carpentry can enhance or repair your home’s front appearance, while increasing your property value. Proper design and craftsmanship is essential in your long-term investment. Getting the right match for your front requires a skilled artisan’s eye. Knowing the right resources to get the materials needed will save you money. Vertex Carpentry puts these pieces together when sitting down with you to listen about your ideas and style. No job is too small or big.  We properly recycle and dispose of all materials and recommend green products available for your porch or entranceway project.

Jim Fernen, owner of Vertex Carpentry, is dedicated to providing flawless craftsmanship and customer satisfaction. Get a free estimate and consultation by calling or emailing Jim Fernen directly.

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