Choosing Your Millwork Style

Brought to you by Julie Allison, ASP at Harmony Interiors, (410) 302-9879

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Julie Allison

I offer affordable decorating services by re-purposing already owned items and adding pieces as necessary.  Good space planning, paint and carpet selection, and inspired finishing touches  are  key  to creating  a well  designed  space.   I also provide clutter  management  services to create an organized and tidy space. Julie Allison, ASP

Millwork is any wood mill-produced, building construction interior finish component such as doors, window casing, banisters, baseboard, fireplace mantel, and crown molding, and the use of these materials is infinite.

The style of the millwork you select says a lot about you or your environment! Let’s take a look at a few examples.

A very tall, ornate baseboard will certainly add a traditional touch to a room, where a shorter one, with minimal detail, may show a more contemporary style.  In a dining room, a chair rail can be added midway up the wall to stop chair backs scraping against paint work, and is often viewed as a traditional element.  These are not just utilitarian and can add great interest to a room by allowing two different wallpapers or paint colors to be used for additional texture or color.  Added lower paneling punctuates this more traditional style.  There is no reason you shouldn’t break the rules and place a chair rail in a contemporary space!  Instead of ornate details on moldings, we can offer options to create a crisp modern feel.  Moldings could, even, “step” to different heights in certain areas of a room and be viewed as artwork in itself, adding a very modern twist!

Crown molding and other ceiling trims adds presence and grandeur to a space and are typically seen in traditional and transitional settings.  With good reason there is a trend, particularly in open planned homes, to use this type of custom millwork as it adds another dimension to large expanses which may otherwise have very little architectural interest.  The larger the space the more important it is to create texture, interest and dimension to minimize what looks like the ballroom effect; a sense of being in a large public building.  Acoustics may also be affected by this type of custom millwork, reducing echoing.  Contact Vertex Carpentry for more acoustic information.

French doors can be enhanced with floor to ceiling details that turn a run-of-the-mill entrance into a grand opening onto a beautiful patio, deck or garden.  In essence a gateway to your private outside world!

The sky’s the limit when using millwork and Vertex Carpentry will work with you to determine style and colors, selecting custom staining finishes to match existing elements, to enhance your space and make it exclusively yours!