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The Not so Simple Siding Repair


When a Simple Siding Repair, Isn’t…Vertex at work original

The guys are ready to start work this morning on what on the surface appears to be a simple repair job to some chipped and broken siding. This home was run in to and the corner of the siding was damaged, the outside faucet was broken off, as was a PVC drain pipe from a basement sump pump. We were hired to replace the damaged siding. It seems a simple idea, strip off the damaged pieces and add back new pieces to replace them.


One challenge is the siding is over 15 years old, will there be a match available that will blend in?

Luckily the homeowner had some of the original siding saved. Next the siding must be stripped back so that all new pieces will properly attach to the corner flange. They must be nailed together at that flange to hide any nails from being exposed to the elements, or to our sight.


And finally as always Vertex Carpentry goes the extra mile in cleaning up the site, even going as far as pursuing the scraps of debris from the original accident.

“Thanks to Vertex Carpentry for such a fast and professional job”

Severna Park’s New Free Library

Severna Park will soon have a new ‘Free Library’ along the B & A Trail. A long-time dream of ‘The Big Bean’ Coffee Shop owner, Deb Hoffman, who put out a request over Social Media to find someone who would build a “Free Library” for the deck on stairs leading from the trail to the back of her restaurant. in Severna Park, MD. Jim Fernen of VERTEX Carpentry stepped forward to make this happen.

A “Free Library is a small, accessible  box with a closing lid that resides outdoors. Patrons can either share a book or borrow a book from the collection. In the conversation between Jim Fernen, Vertex Carpentry, & Deb they chose the old Severna Park Library building as a model for the final design.

“It won’t be completely to scale,” says Jim,”It’s will more evoke the feeling of the turn of the last century building.” When the shell is completed local area Boys Scouts will be a part of the decoration process.

Here is the beginning of the construction of the actual box. We’ll post the progress as the decoration moves alongFree Library, Big Bean, Severna Park, MDng.Free Library, Vertex Carpentry, Severna Park MD

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