Bathroom Remodeling

Building and Remodeling Bathrooms

Keeping your bathroom area clean and looking fresh is about storage space, easy to clean products, and well constructed materials. Vertex carpentry will give you the flawless craftsmanship needed, whether you are gutting your entire bathroom and starting fresh, or restoring its original glamor. We can make better use of natural light, install energy-efficient water heaters, improve windows, install your chosen tile, replace toilets, install fans, and suggest other green solutions. We properly recycle all materials possible and keep your home’s interior safe while your remodeling project is underway. Our basement remodeling team specializes in bathroom installations ideal for basement apartments and finished basements. You can choose manufactured or custom-built cabinets. Vertex Carpentry works with the environment in mind, creating energy-efficient solutions that will look great and save money, all while reducing environmental impact.