When and Why Should You Use A General Contractor?

When and Why Should You Use A General Contractor?

vertex-carpentryWhat is a general contractor? According to dictionary.com, a general contractor is defined as “the person who contracts for and assumes responsibility for completing a construction project and hires, supervises, and pays all subcontractors”. Simple concept, right?

A good general contractor is no paper-pusher who simply checks on the work of others. A good general contractor spends hours on planning and administration before ever laying a hammer on your house. In a well-managed project, even a simple one, the general contractor will follow a very methodical process to plan the scope of the project, establish the timelines, set a budget, book time with expert resources in various trades, apply for permits, complete inspections- all the while reacting to myriad issues that inevitably come up with any home improvement project. And this all happens BEFORE any “actual” work begins.

Many homeowners are tempted to act as their own general contractor on a remodel project, and sometimes even on home construction. This is not the role to skimp on- not just because of the complexity of most home improvement projects, but because of the enormous body of knowledge and wide network of professional relationships a high-quality General Contractor will bring to your project.

At Vertex Carpentry, I pride myself in the relationships I have with skilled labor and experts of all kinds in the trades. I have decades of experience with construction projects of all size, and the leverage to work through surprises that crop up throughout the construction phase. Close management and tight supervision of even the smallest details are hallmarks of the high quality work that Vertex Carpentry is known for. I am hands-on: every site; every day.

At Vertex, we recognize that budgets are not simply suggestions; we work with customers to create a beautiful custom build, addition or remodel that is exactly what they’ve envisioned for their home, within the scope and timeline we’ve set.

Let us take the headache of managing your project so you don’t have to.

Go to work, and let us do ours.

From Porch to Custom Addition

From Porch to Custom Addition

Do you have an outdoor porch that never gets used? Consider a custom porch conversion to  utilize that ‘wasted’ space.

This Bowie homeowner decided to reclaim the additional square footage from their existing  2 story porch. Jim Fernen of Vertex Carpentry designed and built a customized floor plan incorporating beautiful wood flooring, high end trim, new windows  and siding to make this well loved home “Better than New” Custom porch renovation, Bowie Carpentry, Severna Park Custom builderBowie Porch Renovation, Carpentry MD, Custom Carpentry Severna Park Changing Spaces, Porch Conversion, additions, new indoor room Addition, Room Conversion, Custom room, Bowie Renovation, Severna Park Carpentry, Renovation, Porch

Home Additions

Home Additions

Home Additions by Licensed Construction Contractors

Vertex Carpentry is a full service construction contracting company building new homes and home additions from start to finish. Serving the Baltimore Annapolis area for over 25 years we guarantee  our work. home-constructionBuilding a new home or home addition can be scary and exciting at the same time so take comfort in knowing that Vertex carpentry is licensed and insured while also building to code. The value we bring to your renovation or new house will be enjoyed for generations. Contact Vertex Carpentry for a free consultation on your new home addition or new home building.


Window Replacement


Vertex Carpentry offers window installation and window replacement for your home addition or home improvement.


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Door fabrication and installation.

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