Custom Carpentry Adds Elegance To This Severna Park Home

We recently completed this wonderful project for a newly relocated couple. The story  they shared was they had finally achieved a sense of perfection at the home in another area of the country. They had everything exactly as they wanted with classic elegance as well as comfort. Of course the couple was relocated to Severna Park, and they knew that they would be starting the process of customization all over again.

They found a comfortable newer home in the area, and were pleased with the general layout, and neighborhood. The Pizazz was lacking though, enter Jim Fernen & Vertex Carpentry. With nothing but photos & descriptions of their old, beloved home they challenged Vertex to recreate the elegance, and customized functionality they desired.

Jim  created an overall plan as well as several specific custom built pieces that eventually had the couple absolutely Wow’d. His crew was especially careful to preserve what they loved about the new home. As always Vertex kept the working areas clean and protected as they transformed their way through the project. In some ways the retrofit of these classic trims was more challenging than it would have been if the house was initially designed with them in mind.

The finished custom carpentry has added a much higher level of formality and elegance to this suburban Maryland home. If you are ready to create your dream home, either by adding to, renovating, or starting from scratch, Jim Fernen & Vertex Carpentry can get you there.



What’s Your Shelving Style?

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Julie Allison

I offer affordable decorating services by re-purposing already owned items and adding pieces as necessary. Good space planning, paint and carpet selection, and inspired finishing touches are key to creating a well designed space. I also provide clutter management services to create an organized and tidy space. Julie Allison, ASP


Although the purpose of shelving is clear, the creative options for these are limitless!

Considerations for shelving should begin with what they will be used to house.  If you are installing pantry shelving you should take your largest cereal boxes, cookery books, pans and other items to ensure shelf height is determined correctly.  Conversely if your pantry shelf is housing small herbs and spices jars, consider shelving at half the height in certain areas to conserve space.

For living room or study shelving, large books and ornamental collections should be measured.  If audio/visual equipment is to be housed, it is prudent to allocate space for ever changing technology. For example, if you have been subscribing to traditional cable services and are considering changing to enhanced digital services, extra components will need to be housed.   As technology continues to change it is wise to keep a little extra space available for your shelving to grow with it.  Young children will grow into techno-loving teenagers, in which case it is possible that gaming systems will need to be housed at some point!

Once the basic needs of the shelving are established it is time to get creative!

For ornamental purposes in a modern space, clean and crisp floating shelves are a popular option.  These are exactly as they sound with no visible supports or hardware.  In traditional homes wood is desirable, giving a sense of opulence and heritage.

Don’t let convention guide you to a finished design.  Much like your taste in furniture and art, your shelving has the ability to reflect your style!

Vertex Carpentry Custom Shelving

ShelvingWe can create shelving for your kitchen, garage, closet, bathroom, basement, library, office, or outside deck.  At Vertex Carpentry we can craft the perfect custom shelving or build-ins for your home or business. Shelving should be stylish and functional. Vertex Carpentry will sit down and listen to how your shelving needs to work for your home. Being a skilled carpenter means precision joinery, flawless craftsmanship, and an eye for design and function. From buying the materials to applying the finishing stain Vertex Carpentry takes care in every step. Work is always guaranteed. Vertex Carpentry’s free consultation includes a free estimate and one-on-one chat with owner Jim Fernen. Vertex Carpentry is dedicated to providing flawless craftsmanship and customer satisfaction. Get a free estimate and consultation call or email Jim Fernen directly at [email protected]

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